How can buying bulk Gmail accounts help my business? 
Return On Investment of any business using Email Marketing is always greater than a business using any other kind of marketing. The accounts that we provide are verified using real phone numbers and are made with high quality unique IPs. Our accounts can help you engage with your customers in the best possible manner, thus bringing good results.
 Do you provide after-sale customer support? 
Definitely, we are glad to help you with any problems or challenges that might occur because we aim to make your experience better. We believe in making a customer, and not a sale. Thus, we always welcome queries from our customers’ in order to deliver a Never-Have-I-Ever experience to them by providing 24/7 support for addressing all the queries.
 Do you provide region specific accounts? 
Yes, we deal with all types of social media accounts - Instagram, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter and more. Moreover, we are committed to providing accounts to our clients as per their requirements, we do provide accounts as per the required region. We ensure verified, authentic bulk accounts at unbeatable prices so as to fully compliment the customer’s essentialities.
 How long will my order take to be processed? 
We have been toiling hard to provide a rich experience to our customers. Once you select your package, place your order and make the payment, we generally deliver the accounts instantly. But, we always mention 24-48 hours’ time duration for order processing, so as to avoid any kind of misapprehensions and always provide required services in due time.
 What if I’m not satisfied with the accounts that I received? 
In such a case, when our customer is not satisfied with the accounts provided by us, we delightfully offer a time span of 48 hours’ for any kind of refund or replacement. We make sure to provide assistance to our customers in all forms. We do offer replacement or refund policy for accounts within 48 hours, but there are certain terms and conditions to be followed.
 Under what conditions, do my accounts become non-refundable or non-replaceable? 
The foremost condition for a refund or replacement request is the time duration – i.e. we provide a Limited warranty of 48 hours. Secondly, if the accounts are accessed using Public IPs, we cannot be held responsible for the same because we recommend the use of private IPs to avoid any such conflicts. Moreover, we cannot be held liable for any loss resulting from accounts’ closure.
 Do I get a refund if the accounts delivered to me are not fresh? 
Yes, we hold pride in providing verified and authentic accounts to our customers since our establishment. We always aim to provide an exclusive experience to our clients and are always apologetic towards any inconvenience caused to them. If due to any reason the accounts received by you are not fresh, we provide immediate money refund and apologize for the botheration.
 What is the procedure of placing an order for bulk accounts? 
The procedure to place an order with us is a really hassle-free task. You just need to select a package according to your own requirements, and click on the “Place Order” button. You can place your order by an email describing your essentialities. After getting payment from your end, we deliver accounts instantly. Kindly allow up to 24-48 hours to process your order.
 What makes you different from many others? 
We are not here only to sell, in fact, we are here to cater to your business as well as personal needs in the best possible manner. You may use the accounts to increase engagement, reach your target market, build trust and attract users to engage and integrate with you through your accounts. Our zeal to help you outperform your competitors is what makes us different.
 What are the advantages of becoming your client?
We hold a good number of records wherein we have been able to increase the monetary benefits of our client’s brand. Availing services from us would aid your brand to excel by using the authentic accounts to engage interactively with your customers and leave an impression of your brand on them. Being our client helps you have benefits from our exceptional services.